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Why Students Should Wear Uniforms Article

“I don`t think children should wear a uniform. If students wear exactly the same thing, they cannot express themselves. Children should feel that they can be their own person. They shouldn`t have to fit together. During school time, we should also feel comfortable. If we wear scratch shirts and uncomfortable suit pants, we will not concentrate very well. I understand that teachers don`t want us to focus on everyone`s clothes, but it`s always uncomfortable to be in uniform all day. In addition, parents have to go shopping and spend a lot of money on uniforms. If students could wear normal clothes, we could express ourselves, feel comfortable, and not spend money on outfits we never wear at home. Wearing school uniforms has many advantages. They foster a sense of belonging and a spirit of school. By wearing the same uniform, new students will be involved and more comfortable close to their peers. Before a school adopts a uniform guideline, it may be advisable to review the literature.

While there can certainly be many benefits to making uniforms mandatory, there are also potential drawbacks and challenges that you might face. Parents, teachers and administrators may want to weigh the pros and cons before introducing any kind of dress policy for students. Many schools claim that uniforms make it easier for students to concentrate in the classroom and that uniforms promote inclusion. But some students think that uniforms are uncomfortable and that children should have the freedom to express their personality through their clothes. Uniforms deprive them of the opportunity to use clothing as a means of expressing support for social causes. Students at Friendly High School in Prince George`s County, MD, were not allowed to wear pink shirts to support Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and 75 students were suspended for violating restrictions on the school`s uniforms. [11] Former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton advocated school uniforms as a way to help students focus on learning: “Take that [choice of dress] off the table and focus on school, not what you`re wearing.” [30] Chris Hammons, principal of Woodland Middle School in Coeur d`Alene, ID, explained that uniforms “offer less distraction, less drama and more focus on learning.” [70] When children wear different types of clothing, it can help the school teach discipline, and since it is impossible to create unity between children, they use uniforms with a modem to teach students.

In America, where the majority of schools do not have uniforms, about 160,000 children miss school every day for fear of attack or intimidation from other students. It may not be directly related to what they wear, but having a uniform can be a safety net for many students who might otherwise suffer from bullying. A strict uniform gives the impression that the rules are also strict, which can help maintain a sense of order at school. The National Association of High School Principals stated, “When all students wear the same outfit, they are less concerned about their appearance and integration with their peers; This allows them to focus on their school work. [15] A University of Houston study found that elementary school girls` language test scores increased by about three percentage points after the introduction of uniforms. [1] Wade KK, Stafford ME. Public School Uniforms: Effects on Students` Perception of Gang Presence, School Climate and Self-Perception. Urban Education Society. 2003;35(4):399-420. doi:10.1177/0013124503255002 If a school does not have a school uniform, it can place a heavy burden on parents. Every day, they need to think about what clothes their children should wear to school. But if there is a uniform, they don`t have to worry much about that aspect.

“Should Students Wear Uniforms?”, Time for Kids, www.timeforkids.com/g56/debate-should-students-wear-uniforms-2/, November 26, 2019. Other supporters of school uniforms report that they prevent students from hiding weapons under their clothes. And some also believe that intruders would be detected more quickly, making students and staff safer in case someone from the community tried to enter the school. First, school uniforms can protect students from bullying problems. Wearing uniforms helps students feel inclusive at school because everyone wears the same thing. You don`t have to worry about others judging them based on their outfits. In addition, school uniforms also help to solve the problem between students of the upper classes and students of the lower classes. In many schools, conflict between the two groups is a major problem. Some schools even organize the two groups in different buildings to solve this problem.

But wearing uniforms can effectively solve this problem. In many cases of bullying at school, the conflict stems from a small issue like appearance. Wearing uniforms in a certain way makes everyone look the same. Peer pressure on students is reduced. Therefore, a large part of conflicts can be avoided. Wearing uniforms also gives students the impression that school is a family. They will feel closer to their classmates wearing the same uniform. The spirit of the school is strengthened. .

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